Friday, 10 November 2017

Why is Dehradun so famous?

Dehradun was founded in the 18th century by a Sikh Guru called Guru Ram Rai. The name has been derived from the two words that are ‘Dehra’ meaning dera, griha or home and ‘Doon’ stands for a valley that lies at the foothills of the Great Himalayas and the Shivaliks.This is the city which is located in between the peace of the beautiful mountains where the Ganga river lies at the eastern region and the Yamuna river at the western region.

The city name boasted because of its highly prestigious educational institutions that make it the ‘Educational Hub of India’.The glaring city has given many talented peoples to our society,who are making our country proud while indulging in various industries. The city conducts some of the selected art works which only few other known cities have the honor to represent them.

The reasons are not less to forget this city which is also known as the humble adobe for people's :


Know about DehraDunThe city which witnessed the snowfall in the late 1970's, has seen sharp rise in the temperatures. Even from the rainfalls perspective, the city witnesses lesser rains now, as compared to the past.The winters of Dehradun sees the low temperature of around 3-4 degree Celsius.
While the high temperature goes up to 40 degree Celsius. The weather of Doon changes its colors like a chameleon so it is common to witness rainfall even on a bright sunny day.
This has made the age-old saying true which says ,the one who visits Doon cannot leave without falling in love with its distinguished weather.

Education Hub of India2.Education Hub of India
Dehradun and education are quite synonymous, owing to its rich history in honing the brightest schools and colleges of nation.Education in Dehradun has witnessed an upward trend ever since the prestigious Doon school has set up its base. From Engineering to Management, Pharmacy to Medicine, Law to Education; every subject comes up with its well-known institutes. According to a recent survey by Higher Education Department of Uttarakhand government, a threefold increase in the number of engineering and management institutes in Dehradun has been noted, across the span of eight years. Dehradun is one such place where one can connect easily with the studies and can concentrate over his or her goals. It’s a place where one can meet people who are passionate, determined and goal oriented. Boarding schools of Dehradun brings complete life transformation in the student.

3.Places to see at Dehradun
Know about Dehraduna) The FRI Museum (Forest Research Institute) - Lavish environs and one of the largest institutes of its kind.The main attraction is its building which is a National Heritage and styled in a Greeko Roman Architecture. A large collection of forest products and many gallerias about forest can be seen here.
It has six museums based on:-
1. Pathology
2. Social forestry
3. Siviculture
4. Timber
5. Non wood forest product
6. Entemlogy

Picnic spotb) Robber's Cave - Also known as Guchchu Pani. Robber's cave is a beautiful picnic spot. On display here is one of nature's strangest phenomena; a stream of water goes underground here and reappears a few meters away. The cave is
surrounded by hills and is a beautiful getaway for those looking for peace and quiet of the hills

Mussoriec) Char Dukan (Landour) -Char Dukan is the coolest hangout in the whole of Mussoorie, so much so that people say if you haven't visited Char Dukan, you
have actually not seen the real Mussoorie. It is a cluster of four shops and thus named as Char Dukan.These four shops ferve great food and have an unbeatable view of Himalayas.

Buddha Templed) Mindrolling Monastery - In 1965,Khochhen Rinpoche and small group of monks began the process of establishing Mindrolling monastery located near Clement Town,in Dehradun. It now contains Ngagyur Nyingma College,one of the largest Buddhist institutes in India.Near Mindrolling Monastery, Rinpoche
erected a 190 feet high Stupa of the Buddha’s Descent from the God Realms, and dedicated to world peace.Believed to be largest Buddhist reliquary in Asia, Buddha temple is visited by hundreds of tourists as well international Buddhism lovers.

main building of IMAe) Indian Military Academy(IMA) - The Indian Military Academy(IMA) was established in 1932 with a course strength of 40 Gentleman Cadets and Brigadier L.P Collins being the first Commandant. It is a prestigious Institute of India where Gentleman Cadets (GC's) are trained to become finest Officers of Indian Army.
The Chetwode Hall on the Drill Square houses the administrative headquarters of the IMA and is also the hub of academic training. It has lecture halls, computer labs and a cafe. On the opposite side of the Drill Square is the Khetarpal Auditorium which has a seating capacity of over 2000.